VyFinance October Update

5 min readDec 1, 2022

Intro & Summary

Here we go again! Another monthly update on VyFinance. October was a huge month for us and included some amazing events, key developments and massive milestones. In a brief summary, this is what happened last month:

· New Vaults and IFOs

· Twitter spaces and a podcast

· CNFTcon, W3BX Expo and Rarebloom!

· Lottery is growing and growing

· Development continuing to make good pace on the DEX and BAR

This Month in VyFi

October brought with it a new vault and IFO to the VyFinance platform. As always, we had the pleasure of hosting the following:

· Goat Tribe, See more here: https://goattribe.io/

“WHERE PARTY MEETS POST-APOCALYPTICAL NIGHTMARE -GOAT Tribe promotes equality, positivity and community building whilst supporting causes who preserve and improve our natural environment, in the hope of avoiding the post-apocalyptic world inhabited by our NFT characters.”

· Pudgy Cat, See more here: https://pudgycat.io/

“Half Italian and half Swedish (with a writer and two engineers as staff), Pudgy started his journey on January 10th 2022, without any real plan, as a weird lucky cat meme token on Cardano, and he’s slowly moving through cryptospace and cybertime towards an undefined destination full of mystery, and excitement, and other silly stuff (’cause, you know, cats don’t really care about anything).”

Due our attendance at three conferences this month we didn’t get the opportunity to host our weekly Twitter spaces consistently, we did however manage to have a few great chats with some amazing people:

MELD, feat MAD BULL: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1vOGwMmmazRxB

Mehen: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1jMKgLVoWNWGL

Pudgy Cat: https://twitter.com/VyFiOfficial/status/1585315342825709568

As well as Twitter Spaces, we’ve spoken with some projects in other formats and had some videos featuring VyFinance on YouTube:

Blueshift Podcast: People in Crypto — Steven Ward CEO of VyFinance




Ryan Matta: How to use the Fibonacci Tool on Tradingview Tutorial


To see a complete list of videos on VyFinances please see our YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/c/VyFinance/playlists

The VyFinance lottery has been running for a month now and we can see it taking full form! Our latest lottery passed 10k VYFI in the prize pool with a total of 757 tickets being purchased. This is a massive success for us and we could not be happier with the results. For anyone interested in having a look you can find the VyFinance lottery here: https://app.vyfi.io/lottery

Community events in October were massive to say the least. Our team initially touched down in Las Vegas to attend CNFTcon. This event was mainly geared towards the NFT space in Cardano and was an incredible opportunity to meet, and rub shoulders with some of the best projects building on the blockchain. Our booth was non stop with conversation after conversation and amazing community members by the ton. Steven also had the opportunity to speak on a panel moderated by the incredible Peter Bui of Learn Cardano. Next up was W3BX, here (as the team travelled to Denver) VyFinance was represented by none other than our CMO Jack Kochen, who had the great opportunity to speak on two separate panels with some all-time greats such as Patrick from NMRK, Crypto Fairies and Matt from Mehen to name a few. Onwards to Rarebloom the team again readied themselves for what was to be more community engagement on a massive scale! Rarebloom at the Gaylord Rockies resort was a beautiful event which again brought together the brightest minds building on Cardano. We had an incredible booth position next to Minswap and across from Sundae Swap, all there to collaborate and share with one another and the community in attendance. All in all, each event was beyond our expectations. We would like to thank everybody involved for putting together such a great show, and an event that we will never forget. We cannot wait for next year and at this rate VyFinance will be attending any event these guys put on! Please see bellow some photos from the events, including a shameless Charles dump.

Last but not least let’s touch on Development for the month of October:

· Completed the MVP DEX and started work on finalizing and integrating the BAR

· Final preparations completed for the V2 vaults - testnet beta will start in early November

· Improved our pipelines for quicker and easier deployments

Thanks for checking in, please tune into our weekly Twitter space and Discord to stay update with all the latest and we’ll see you on the next monthly update!

Steven on stage at Rarebloom
Jack on a panel at W3BX with NMKR and CryptoFairies
Steven with MELD
Charles and the team at Rarebloom
Charles and the team at CNFTcon
Steven and Charles going through the VyFinance Whitepaper
Charles and Steven
Ryan and Charles speaking at CNFTcon
VyFinance and Minswap
Steven and Patrick Tobler of NMKR
Clay Nation!