VyFinance November Update

3 min readDec 13, 2022

Intro & Summary

Greeting and thank you for checking in with the VyFinance team and what’s been on the agenda for November! It’s been a fast-paced month with a lot going on so let’s get right into it:

· New Vault

· Some great Twitter spaces and YouTube interviews

· Attended the Cardano Summit in three major Cities around the globe

· Blueshift Cardano Index

· Development charging ahead

This Month in VyFi

Vaults came slower than usual during November as we prepared for the release of our V2 vault contracts. These vaults are completely run by smart contract and have the ability to support non-VYFI NFTs and Tokens! We did however have the pleasure of hosting the following vault:

The Seal Society, See more here: https://linktr.ee/sealsociety

“The Seal Society is a Cardano Blockchain NFT Project. Featuring a collection of 3,333 Utility PFPs that feature unique traits based on colony. Each Seal unlocks membership and holder benefits.”

November also came with a plethora of fantastic spaces and chats with great community members and builders within the Cardano Space:

The VYFI big space. Here we had the opportunity to catch up with some new and old friends we met at CNFTcon and Rare Bloom: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1djGXlzEWMzGZ

MetaDams and RatsDAO. A fantastic chat with two incredible builders within the space. Metadams speak about the huge changes they have recently made and announce some major updates! https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lDxLnEZpXLGm

The Seal Society. Steven from the team at the Seal Society speaks effortlessly about the challenges and triumphs of building a project during the bear market. https://twitter.com/VyFiOfficial/status/1592926663469592577

Cardano Summit Catch up. In the wake of the Cardano summits around the world, we get to catch up and chat with some of the big names that attended. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1RDxlapEVXNKL

MELD with US YouTube interview. Great interview that lasts longer than one hour, diving into all things VyFinance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rWza7oF7oo&t=3s

VyFinance had the great opportunity in November to attend the Cardano Summit in three major cities. Steven drove into Lausanne to take part in the chief summit. Here Steven was able to rub shoulders with the best and brightest in Cardano, speaking in person with the DeFi alliance and sitting in with the first RealFi meeting amongst members of the Cardano ecosystem. Jack and Dylan respectively attended the New York and London events. Jack, was able to get up and give a talk about all things VyFinance. All in all, these events are an amazing testament of the reach and scope that Cardano brings to people in all walks of life, no matter the location. The sheer openness and welcoming attitude of those who attend the Summit should be applauded.

The Blueshift Cardano Index launched last month, of which VyFinance alongside NMKR, Cornucopias are proud to be part of. Subcritical (if you don’t follow him already, you should!) hosted a space surrounding Blueshift recently: https://twitter.com/SubcriticalTV/status/1598716194537603081

Link to Blueshift: https://blueshift.fi/

Last but not least (most importantly really)! Let’s talks development:

· Closed out V2 vaults in preprod beta testing

· Finalized all tooling for the new smart contracts. Addressed any issues and upgrades recommended by the beta testers

· Completed MVP DEX and BAR integration

· Started Plutus V2 migration

· Continued to upgrade/optimize our liquidity pool contract

Thanks for catching up, the team at VyFinance would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and we’ll be back for another monthly update in January!