VyFinance NFT White Drops July 21st

3 min readJul 14, 2022

The much-anticipated VyFinance NFT White is coming on the 21st of July, let’s take a moment to lay out its background, its function and the details surrounding its sale!

VyFinance NFT history:

VyFinances NFT journey began when we airdropped our Purple and Gold NFTs to the members of our community that participated in our ICO.

It was not our initial intention for the NFTs to be used for staking. However, after thorough discussion about ways in which we could innovate and bring new exciting features to the platform. We decided on providing utility for the Purple and Gold NFTs and introduced staking to our platform.

NFT staking was the first feature to go live on VyFinance and for that reason we hold it close to our hearts. To say we have been blown away by the response, is an understatement. Since their release, our Purple and Golds have set the standard in NFT staking, and allowed users to earn a multitude of different tokens on our platform. We were also extremely honoured to receive the award for “Best Long-Term Utility” in the first annual CNFT awards.

A week out from the sale of the White, it’s still evident how popular and useful our NFTs are. We can’t wait to share the White NFT with even more people across the Cardano ecosystem!

Image taken 13/07/2022

Why the White NFT:

The primary reason for the release of the White NFT is to allow more users to access our NFT staking vaults. At the moment there are 1950 purple and 50 Golds in the wallets of users across our community. While this is amazing, we understand that the high floor price on secondary markets can create a barrier of entry to new users who would like to engage with our NFT vaults.

The Nitty Gritty:

How much?

The White NFT will be sold for 45 ADA each. Users can buy up to 10 NFTs in one transaction.

When is the sale?

The Sale will take place on July 21st, at 11am EST.

Where to buy?

The Sale will take place on the VyFinance App. Users will have two options in how to purchase the White NFT, either by manually sending ADA to an address or by connecting your wallet and purchasing it through the App.


What’s the details?

Total mint: 10,000

Total farm rate: 1/20th of a purple

Royalties: 12%

· 5% is converted to VYFI and distributed to the BAR

· 5% is distributed to maintenance of the NFT staking platform

· 2% is converted to VYFI and used to bolster the VYFI Vault

Read more on our NFT white paper: https://vyfi-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/NFT-White-Paper.pdf

Policy ID for White NFT: cb6989d37ab131053737ccab9d22720880a07276eb04e137a4e58291

Policy ID for Purple and Gold NFTs