VyFinance July Update

4 min readAug 13, 2022

Intro & Summary

Hello again and a warm welcome back to the monthly update! To start with lets briefly go through the month of June and what’s been happening at VyFinance:

· Twitter spaces have been ramped up

· Our White NFT sale has started!

· Fluid tokens now accepts VyFi NFTs as collateral

· Catalyst proposal continues as the assessment stages come to a close

· Some great new vaults and IFOs launched

This Month in VyFi

As previously mentioned in recent updates, our schedule for hosting discord/twitter spaces have been in full swing as of July. As we iron out the creases, we are getting a far clearer vision on how to run these in the most effective and engaging manner. As of right now (things can change as we hone in on our winning formula) Twitter Spaces are every other week w/ guests, and Discord AMAs the opposite Thursdays. As well as hosting spaces, VyFinance has been making a concerted effort to attended as many established spaces/podcasts/YouTube channels as possible. We believe that there are pockets of the Cardano community we are yet to reach, and of which we have a lot to learn. For this reason, we would love to hear from anyone who has a platform and would be interested in hosting VyFinance for a chat! If you would like to listen to a few of the spaces we’ve both hosted and attended please see links below:

· AMA with CNFTcon: https://bit.ly/3zIbIGu

· AMA with Kirkstone: https://bit.ly/3BStd9O

· VyFi White NFT sale with Goalorious: https://bit.ly/3bI9yyG

· Chat with Blueshift: https://bit.ly/3bF9K1D

· Chat with Blue Collar Crypto: https://bit.ly/3p6isZH

· Chat with NMKR: https://bit.ly/3JEt3ET

· Chat with Big Pey: https://bit.ly/3A2G7j5

In the past month we have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic projects and released some incredible vaults for our community to engage with:

· Genesis Launchpad, See more here: https://www.genesislaunchpad.com

“Genesis Launchpad is a Cardano-based ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering) focused platform for smaller projects. Unlike our competitors, Genesis Launchpad does not require KYC, business information, or any type of identification from projects or consumers.”

· Kirkstone, See more here: https://www.kirkstone.io/

“Our mission statement is to significantly reduce the cost of renting for students and those with a low income. In addition, our aim is to make a substantial impact to the homeless by utilising a significant portion of the Kirkstone vesting structure.”

· GOAT Tribe, See more here: https://www.goattribe.io/

“GOAT Tribe is a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. Launching in October 2021 and selling out in early November, GOAT Tribe has grown to be recognized as the most inclusive and engaged community in the CNFT space with an experienced team working to develop a strong brand and implement the utility offered by the Cardano ecosystem with an ultimate aim of rewarding and providing value to collectors and increasing blockchain adoption.”

· CryptoRaggies, See more here: https://cryptoraggies.io/

“CryptoRaggies was founded first and foremost as a project celebrating the love and companionship of the amazing ragdoll cat breed. At the same time, being real blockchain enthusiasts and Cardano fans ourselves, we added a touch of blockchain culture to our artwork, and used them to pay tribute to the diversity of our community as well!”

Our catalyst proposal is still going strong and we are now in the final moments of Fund9. Throughout the process we have had the opportunity to speak with countless members of the community and have a clear concept of how to move forward with our plans if we are not successful in securing Catalyst funding. You can view our proposal and see our detailed timeline/budget: https://bit.ly/3zKwLbf

Our much awaited White NFT has finally dropped. To read more about our sale and how the White NFT fits in the VyFinance suite of NFTs please visit our article: https://bit.ly/3SBtdAK. Alternatively you can check out the sale right now and grab one for yourself: https://app.vyfi.io/nft-sale

Rare Bloom tickets are still up for grabs! Don’t miss out on what will be the Cardano event of the year! Make sure when you’re buying Rare Bloom tickets to use the code VYFI10 for a 10% discount!

VyFi Development

Finally, our development is running on schedule and with all cylinders firing. See the link above to our detailed timeline (in our catalyst proposal) to see where we are currently sitting and the progress we have made so far. A few key updates from June include:

· Continued to work with Vasil HF and making all appropriate changes

· Successfully updated the PAB to work with BlockFrost instead of chain-index

· PAB updated database from SQLite to Postgres for concurrent connections

· Started to finalize server deployments and build pipelines

· Testing/bugifxes for our v2 vaults (smart contracts) as well as continued code optimization. We are trying to lower fees as much as possible.

· Everything is updated to work with the Vasil hard fork!

Thanks again for joining us in another monthly update and keep a close eye on our social medias for the latest in news in VyFinance.