VyFinance July Update

4 min readAug 3, 2023

It is incredible the pace in which the months pass, only 4 months left in the year and our DEX has already been live for 3 months. What a journey it has been so far, we have been overwhelmed by the response to our launch and couldn’t have hoped for the sheer number of users who came and engaged with our platform. With this tremendous response/volume, we also encountered some issues with scaling and have spent the time from launch until now (and moving forward) tirelessly working to fix and update our platform so it is up to the standard the Cardano community deserves.

This month we launched new tokens for some fantastic projects, released a couple great vaults, announced/updated farms as well as released some in-depth articles.

New Vaults in July:

ADA EMPIRE, See more here: https://adaempire.com/

Find the vaults here: https://app.vyfi.io/vaults/adaempire

“Welcome to Ada Empire! We are excited to bring you a fun, new exciting NFT card game on Cardano. Season 1; The Empire Rises (Evil is Brewing), takes place deep in the swamps of the empire. As the Code Breakers look to destroy and enslave the empire, the Code Keepers will do whatever it takes to protect it. Which side will you choose? Who Will win? Join our discord and become a key member in the fight. ADA Empire is a collection of 5 decks of 5,000 unique NFT cards generated on the Cardano Blockchain. Our goal is to bring excitement, fun, fantasy and functionality to the Cardano ecosystem.”

Paribus, See more here: linktr.ee/paribus.io

Find the vaults here: app.vyfi.io/vaults/paribus

“A cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions, and synthetic assets, building for the Cardano blockchain.”

ADA empires continued their release of vaults this month with a $CODE for $CODE vault, while PBX shook the foundations with what may have been the fastest vault in VyFinance history to reach its full stake!

Along with new vaults, we launched some exciting new farms.

See below for the two latest farming set updates:

Farming set for the 17th of July - 1st of August
Farming set for the 1st of August - 17th of August


We had the absolute please of launching RISK token to the Cardano community in July:

$RISK TOKEN, See more here: https://www.riskcoin.io/

A Cardano-Based Token Inspired by the Game Risk - $Risk Coin, as the name suggests, draws inspiration from the classic strategic board game, Risk, and aims to bring its unique gameplay elements to the realm of digital assets. With a total supply of 100 billion tokens, $Risk coin is set to offer an engaging experience to its holders and enthusiasts alike.


Describing the phases of the Auto-Harvester — https://vyfinance.medium.com/describing-the-phases-of-the-auto-harvester-86161eb92aa9

In the article above we describe the phases in which we plan to release the Auto-Harvester (AH). The AH is the next big product to come from the VyFinance team. it will allow users to farm with ease across initially the DEx and eventually across blockchains!

VyFinance Staking Vault Updates — https://vyfinance.medium.com/vyfinance-staking-vault-updates-cce24559d78c

A brief description of our VYFI/VYFI token vaults and NFT vaults, and how they will look moving forward.

Emissions Rebalancing Algorithm — https://vyfinance.medium.com/emissions-rebalancing-algorithm-fdf38631dd9a

Describing our new algorithm for rebalancing emissions.

Steven last month also had the pleasure of sitting down with none other than S20 Bullion of the Calmdano Twitter space to do a 4 part DeFi series:

DEXes and Metrics:https://bit.ly/S20VYFIDeFiSeriesEp1

TradFi Vs DeFi:https://bit.ly/S20VYFIDeFiSeriesEp2

Token Mechanics:https://bit.ly/S20VYFIDeFiSeriesEp3

Introductory Portfolio Management:https://bit.ly/S20VYFIDeFiSer

If you haven’t already, make sure you catch S20 on he’s regular space, its full of incredible insights and enthralling conversation: https://twitter.com/calmdano

Now to all things development:

last month we conducted small to medium updates on the order processor servers (batchers), this includes:
- Improvements on how we deal with processing orders when the Cardano network has high congestion and load.
- How to handle high congestion and volume on specific pools a lot smoother.

Misc frontend updates some examples:
- Token fragmentation
- Updated error messages
- When trading a token show after trade price
many more

Started development on a new FIFO order process (batcher) algorithm to increase the number of orders to the processed at one time, this will be a massive update for us with many benefits.

Security and server infrastructure updates for a more secure system.