VyFinance January Update

2 min readFeb 9


Hello and welcome back to VyFinances monthly update. We hope everyone had a great New Year and is off to a huge start to 2023, I know we are. IN January we:

· Added to our vaults

· Continued development in anticipation for the DEx and BAR

As mentioned in the last monthly update. Our new V2 vaults are run via smart contract and allow other CNTs to stake earn their tokens/NFTs on the VyFinance platform. Here is a list of the vaults released in January:

Mini Magics’ Kingdom, See more here: https://www.minimagics.io/

Vault Page link: https://app.vyfi.io/vaults/minimagics

Twitter Space: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1vOxwMpNlOWGB

“Mini Magics are 10,000 magically generated & unique creatures nestled within the Cardano blockchain. Facing the brink of extinction at the hands of utter destruction, our six species came together to form what we now know as The Kingdom.”

IDO PASS DAO, See more here: https://idopass.finance/

Vault Page link: https://app.vyfi.io/vaults/idopass

“Launchpad, DAO, incubator and On chain Mapping. IDO Pass DAO is the first Cardano DAO to focus on IDO’s, Launchpads, and Blue Chip CNFT Fractionalization.”

Cornucopias, See more here: https://www.cornucopias.io/

Find the vault here: https://app.vyfi.io/vaults

“Cornucopias is an open-world MMO being developed in Unreal Engine 5. Participate in a dynamic economy as you enjoy the freedom of exploration, a player-driven economy, mini-games, and tools to build and learn.”

In the lead up to the release of our DEx/BAR we will be publishing some articles about the backend and technicians behind the products we are releasing. These reports aim to give users a better understanding and increase transparency on how we intend on delivering the products we have set out to accomplish. So far, we have released a “Deep Dive into the BAR” detailing exactly what is the BAR? And how does it work?

Deep Dive into the BAR: http://bit.ly/3XJqk2W

How is xVYFI Priced? https://bit.ly/3Y4Xf1F

Let’s touch on Development for January:

· Wrapped up our final feature post MVP for the liquidity pool validator

· Continued to build out the DEx UI

· Bar/liquidity pool data query & processor servers’ development

· We continue extensive code review and testing on the preprod environment. Getting ready for public preprod

This update will be a little shorter than usual as January has been focused mainly on building relationships with other projects and completing the necessary steps to release the DEx/BAR. There is a lot of exciting news and releases around the corner, so plenty on the horizon for VyFinance!