VyFinance forms partnership with ADA Handle

VyFinance could not be more thrilled to announce our new partnership with ADA Handle, a company working toward bringing custom wallet addresses to the Cardano ecosystem.

Working along side ADA Handle will aid VyFinance in expanding our already thriving NFT space. This will be achieved by allowing users of both platforms to access a wider range of rewards for holding and staking NFTs. This partnership will increase value and ease of use for both communities, again growing closer to our goal an ecosystem full of cooperation and collaboration.


ADA Handle aims to confront the issue of hard to memories and predictable Cardano wallets by allowing users to create their own unique ADA address. The custom address will be attached to the users existing cryptographic hash, whereby payments will be routed from your custom address to your existing wallet. The company will never request, see, or interface with your private wallet keys and ensures the utmost level of security and safety for all users. Further down the line ADA Handle also plans on releasing a dApp for the receiving and sending of Cardano native tokens as well as a full-featured public API for websites, wallets, and exchanges to utilize.


VyFinance is an original interpretation of a DEX, built upon four main pillars. Firstly, a liquidity aggregator (auto harvester) as our top layer, this is where users can come and without managing their own funds, the auto harvester can do that instead. Secondly a Neural Net, a program that teaches itself how to perform tasks, and in this case will be learning how to optimize liquidity over yield farms. Thirdly, the Bar in which a certain percentage of fees from the exchange, and a part of the farm from the Auto harvester will be distributed to the bar (our VYFI holders). Finally, an LMS system to tie it all together. The LMS aims to educate newcomers on how to interact with DEFI successfully and safely, the ultimate goal is for users to engage with the Auto Harvester and eventually gain the essential knowledge to use our more traditional DeFi tools such pools and farms.



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