VyFinance April Update

Intro & Summary

Welcome back to our VyFinance monthly update! April seemed to fly by so let’s unpack the latest news. During April We:

· Attended/presented at some massive Crypto events around the globe.

· We introduced the ability for users to access our platform via their preferred Adahandle.

· Our governance continued to make strides as a new vote was launched with many more in the pipeline.

· We spoke with some great content creators and influencers who are helping keep Cardano honest and accountable.

· Our community blew us away with their creativity in our recent graphic design competition.

· 5 new vaults were opened including 2 IFOs

· Our spectacular team of developers have been hard at work building core infrastructure for our platform.

This Month in VyFi

Last month a few members of our team started on what would become a three-week endeavour into attending and presenting at some of the biggest Crypto conferences the world has to offer. We started in Dubai at the World Blockchain Summit. With a booth location directly out the front of the speaking hall we had little time to explore as attendees steadily streamed past all day. Our CEO Steven Ward had the opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation on the power of AI and the blockchain. Dubai was an amazing opportunity which gave us the chance to meet some wonderful people and projects alike, we’d like to specifically shout out a member of our community who made the effort to take time out of his day and come visit us, you (alike everyone we met) were incredibly warm and accommodating, a true personification of our community and the wider Cardano community too. After Dubai we landed in Miami, here Steven again was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of VyFinance at Shitcoin 2022. It was great to be in Miami again, a city that’s done so much for us as a company and crypto as a whole. Finally, we ended our travels at the Paris Blockchain Sumit. Similarly, to the previous conferences we had attended, Paris was full to the brim with exciting and energetic attendees/presenters. Steven (once again) gave an amazing talk on the discovery stage and we had the pleasure of meeting members from the Genius Yield team who were, as expected, very welcoming, intelligent and lovely people. [DM1] Our meeting culminated in collaboration between our projects of which we could not be more excited! Overall, the events we attended were presented by some of the most capable people we have met and we would like to give a special thanks to Rahul from the World Blockchain Summit, BitCoin Queen from Shitcoin and Anna from the Paris Blockchain Summit. Without your hard work and supreme eye for detail these events would have been much harder and far more stressful. We would also like to extend our thanks to the events for making us feel so welcome and putting on a great show!

Our platform received some new features this month with the addition of Adahandles. This allows users to interact with VyFinance in a new way and gives our community the ability to choose their favourite handle to connect to our DApp with. In addition to Adahandles we opened 5 new vaults. In continuing with the massive success of the LOG IFO, we launched both a Roborobo and Ziberbugs IFO. The Roborobo vault continued our theme and was emptied in an incredible 12 days, Ziberbugs seems on track to do the same! For those wondering, our IFOs are an opportunity for users to get a hold of projects tokens for the first time they are available on the market. Furthermore, Vaults for BitFins, Blockchain Games [DM2] and Ashib were also released expanding the host of tokens users can currently earn on the VyFinance platform. Governance also received its second vote concerning the release of our White NFTs. We are extremely pleased with the response to our Governance and are grateful to every member of our community that voted, this is only the start!

Our community (and the wider Cardano community) have been lively in April too. We had the pleasure of attending one of our favourite spaces on Twitter with Bullish Dumpling. Here Steven was able to speak with the community and explain our vision and upcoming developments. On trend with the Bullish Dumpling space the questions posed by the community were challenging and informed, very much the standard across Cardano. Furthermore, the VyFinance Discord opened a graphic design competition for our community to submit their versions of the “VyFi Mascot”. To say we were blown away by the skills and creativity of our community is an understatement. It is staggering to see all the wonderful ideas and designs submitted and a huge thank you to all involved.

VyFi Development

Finally, let’s touch on what’s been going on in the world of VyFinance development. We have put our vaults’ Smart Contract on the Testnet with the official IOHK PAB, as well as implementing front-end integration. All of these developments are ready for an internal audit and code review. We are also continuously running benchmarks, updating servers and trying to optimize everything. We have run our exclusive code review and are currently seeking third party advice leading up to our inevitable external audit. As always, we have focused intensely on identifying possible vulnerabilities, security issues and points of failure at every stage of development.

As VyFinance edges closer to competition, the wheels of progress continue to turn and next month looks to be full of further development and surprises. A huge thank you once again to our wonderful community, our partners and the wider Cardano community for making our job as exciting and rewarding as it is!



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