VyFi 1.5

3 min readNov 27, 2023


We are thrilled to present the new VyFinance platform, VyFi 1.5.

Since our launch, we have been gathering as much feedback as possible from our community. We have been working tirelessly to implement suggestions that the community has been recommending, and improve the overall experience of our platform. The principal issues could be placed into two broad categories, UI/UX and wallet interoperability.

The biggest pain point for our platform was the interoperability between our DEx and users wallets. In lew of this, we have spent the last few months focusing and rebuilding our back-end to meet users expectations. We have also received feedback from the community regarding our UI and UX. Below we outline the major changes we will be introducing: https://medium.com/@vyfinance/building-a-better-transaction-builder-3d0c322e969b

UI design

Given that we overhauled our entire back-end, we felt that VyFi needed a fresh new look to exemplify the new feel of the site. We have updated every page to give it a new look.

We have included more data for users to quickly digest the information pertinent to their positions, and simplified how this data is viewed. We have kept our focus on minimizing click throughs for users. We will release an article describing all the changes alongside the update.

Img 1 — updated BAR page

Transaction building

Since launch, we have completely overhauled our transaction builder. This is a large topic all of its own, but to simplify we redesigned our UTxO selection algorithm and greatly improved output sizing. These have shown a remarkable improvement of the user interoperability with our DEx, fixing what was likely the largest pain point we were hearing from our community. For more details on the updates made to our backend — check out this article:

Governance and Treasury

We are approaching the launch of our Governance very soon, having completed the snap-shotting mechanism to include all sources of $VYFI. The treasury will be launched alongside our governance. More details will be coming very soon!

Transaction Cart

We will be introducing a tool that allows users to conduct multiple different transactions from our platform at once. Behaving much like a shopping cart, users will be able to save on transaction fees by bundling transactions together. For instance, a user could conduct three swaps, a harvest, and ‘add liquidity’ all in the one transaction. This will streamline the user experience on our Dapp. This is be introduced in the following weeks after the launch of our new UI.

Pool creation

We will introduce the capacity for users to create new liquidity pools of any pair that they choose. We intend to launch this in the near future.

We are super excited to bring all these new features to the platform over the coming weeks! This is the largest set of changes released since launch, and will greatly improve the user experience on our dapp. Feedback is always welcomed through our socials:

X: https://twitter.com/VyFiOfficial
Discord: https://t.co/eokrpzENKK
Telegram: https://t.co/3ZuMmf6KYR