September Monthly Update

3 min readOct 6, 2023

Hello and welcome to the September monthly update for VyFinance. Another great month with some amazing improvements and updates. We were also lucky enough to attended NFTxLV once again and spend time with the amazing and ever-growing Cardano community.

New Vaults in September:

Digital Gold, see more here:

Find the vaults here:

“The Digital Gold Token Ecosystem consists of 3 tokens: Digital Gold, Digital Silver, and Digital Diamonds. Digital Diamond is the governance token overseeing and controlling all decisions and actions of all the tokens in the ecosystem as well as the Digiverse, DashBoard and Digiverse Marketplace. Holders of both Digital Gold and Digital Silver will earn the rare Digital Diamond rewards. Only 999,999 tokens will ever be minted.”

Farming sets in September:

Farming set for the 17st of September — 1st of October
Farming set for the 1st of October — 17th of October


Check out our latest townhall (hosted on Discord). Moving forward we are planning on holding these fortnightly and creating a reoccurring X space so the community can hear everything that is happening with VyFinance and ask any questions they may have.


The team had the huge honour of attending NFTxLV. It was an fantastic opportunity to meet old and new friends and see all the hard work projects across the ecosystem have done. A massive thank you the team who put on the event, just like last year we couldn't have asked for more and will of course be coming back again for round three in 2024!

Lottery in September:

Technical Update:

We have been working behind the scenes to keep developments coming in consistently to the platform. Below is a summary of some of the updates we’ve added over the month of September.

· Pool Charts

· Added currency values throughout app and added support for over 45 currencies

· Vespr wallet integration

· Homepage sort pools by TVL, 24H Volume, APR

· Frontend app removed PAB dependency when building TX’s

· Blockchain load percent displayed in bottom left of app

· Many more small UI improvements throughout the app