October Monthly Update

4 min readNov 2, 2023


Welcome back to another monthly update with VyFinance! We’ve spent this past month in a state of reconstruction as we reworked the Transaction (TX) Builder and started to update/transform our User Interface (UI). We were also lucky enough to bring back an old and very popular vault back to the platform as well as create some new and very exciting farms for user to get involved with.

New Vaults in October:

Cornucopias, see more here: https://cornucopias.io/

Find the vaults here: https://staging.vyfi.io/vaults/copi

“An MMORPG where player-driven economies and a thirst for adventure rule the bubbleverse. Develop your skills as a trader, artisan, or entrepreneur as you explore the Cornucopian land masses enclosed in floating domes thousands of meters high. Challenge other players to mini-games, create digital assets that you actually own, and discover the truth behind what awaits you beyond the domes…”

Farming Sets:

Farming set for the 1st of November — 17th of November
Farming set for the 17th of October — 1st of November

The Lottery in October:

DRAW: 6th October
DRAW: 13th October
DRAW: 20th October
DRAW: 27th October

LINK: app.vyfi.io/lottery


There have been a lot of new tokens with extremely exciting business behind them launching tokens on Cardano in October, we’ve been very excited to help our community get involved and put these tokens to work in a few new farms:

Technical Update:

On the Technical front we have been busy making sure our platform is up to scratch and can compete with the landscape in Cardano as it stands. An integral part to running a DEx is making sure the TX builder is optimized and preforming in a manner of which users can interact with the platform and encounter as little errors as possible. We understand that in the time since launch users may have encountered such errors and have had a negative experience, well no longer is that the case! We have completely reworked the TX builder and support tickets have decreased by an incredible amount.

To summarise the major changes

The major changes are:

UTxO Selection Algorithm

· The builder will prioritize the largest UTxO in the wallet when building transactions. This will reduce the possibility of low-ADA error.

Improved Output Sizing

· This optimizes the output UTxOs. This will result in lower error rates when submitting transactions.

Removal of PAB Dependency

· We were pulling data, and building the datum for transactions from the PAB, now it is exclusively done through the browser. This will reduce the transaction pop-up time.

Learn more: https://vyfinance.medium.com/building-a-better-transaction-builder-3d0c322e969b

Along with the TX builder we have started to redesign our UI. After months of optimizing the platform it’s time to give it a new look that reflects the performance of the backend. In the coming month we hope unveil our new UI and bring a breath of fresh air to VyFinance. With the backend now working amazingly and a upcoming UI update we are confident we can bring back many users that have not gelled with the DEx thus far.

We have also been working on the first phase of the Auto Harvester. This (as I’m sure you are aware) is the next major product being developed by the team. We are making good progress and can’t wait to show it off in due time!

learn more about the phases of the Auto Harvester: https://vyfinance.medium.com/describing-the-phases-of-the-auto-harvester-86161eb92aa9


· Sizable Database Migrations

· Ledger fixes/improvements

· Optimizations to our Analytics Server