VyFinance March Update

3 min readApr 3, 2023

We’re back with another monthly update. March has been one of our busiest and exciting yet, we launched 3 new community vaults, ran a massive giveaway campaign, announced some important news about farming on our DEx, and most importantly began our public test!

The new vaults for the month of March are as follows:

Cornucopias, See more here: https://www.cornucopias.io/ & https://bit.ly/3FcxhCx

Find the vault here: https://app.vyfi.io/vaults/copi

An MMORPG where player-driven economies and a thirst for adventure rule the bubbleverse. Develop your skills as a trader, artisan, or entrepreneur as you explore the Cornucopian land masses enclosed in floating domes thousands of meters high. Challenge other players to mini-games, create digital assets that you actually own, and discover the truth behind what awaits you beyond the domes….”

DripDropz, See more here: https://dripdropz.io/

Find the vault here: https://staging.vyfi.io/vaults/dripdropz

DripDropz provides token dispensing services to the Cardano community. An intuitive platform that offers projects a comprehensive selection of distribution parameters. We welcome projects of all sizes into the Drip ecosystem. Delegates reap the rewards of DripDropz by providing the ability to withdraw a variety of tokens while remaining delegated to a community pool.”

Blueshift, See more here: https://app.blueshift.fi/#/swap & https://medium.com/liquifiorg

Find the vault here: https://staging.vyfi.io/vaults/blueshift

Information on the Cardano Index: https://blueshift.fi/adding-removing-liquidity-to-the-cardano-index/

Blueshift introduces a new capital-efficient AMM digital exchange protocol based on Liquidity Portfolios with low price slippage, low impermanent loss and high APR on investments”

AdaQuest, See more here: https://www.ada-quest.com/home

Find the vault here: https://staging.vyfi.io/vaults/adaquest

Sale ongoing: https://bit.ly/ADAquestSALE

AdaQuest is a roleplay game project utilizing collectible NFT cards on the Cardano blockchain. Each card represents a unique character, allowing the owner to use it like in a classic pen & paper adventure. These adventures will take place in the fictional world of Ada..”

For the duration of March we also ran our biggest giveaway campaign to date. In celebration of some the initial farms we will offer on our DEx, we gave away tokens belonging to some of the biggest and best projects building on Cardano. These giveaways have had around 300–800 entries each which was awesome to see. We’d like to thank the whole Cardano community for getting involved!

Our public testnet also went live during March! This is a major milestone/achievement for the project and we’ve been humbled by the response. Its great to see the community get their hands dirty and shuffle through the motions on our DEx/BAR. For a more in-depth description of the testnet please see the medium articles below:

· https://bit.ly/PublicTestnetInformation

· https://bit.ly/Intro2CNFTassetsonVYFI

LINK TO TESTNET: https://app-dev.vyfi.io/

In the lead up to the mainnet release of our DEx/BAR we also announced some news that is not only a first in Cardano, but in Crypto altogether! Featured on our DEx will be a system of non-custodial LP farming. Simply put, the user will only need to mint the LP token and as soon as it enters your wallet you are farming. This reduces the number of transactions required to engage with liquidity farming and gives the user complete autonomy of their LP tokens. Adding to the simplicity of non-custodial LP farm is our “zap” feature, which will allow users to add liquidity using only one token! In the medium article below we discuss non-custodial LP farming in further detail:

· https://bit.ly/NONcustodialLPfarming

Lastly, to day say development was massive in March would be an understatement. Our team has been working effortlessly around the clock and have a lot to show for it!

· Countless UI updates to the DEx and BAR in preparation for our Mainnet launch

· Rigorous testing on the DEx and BAR

· DEx and BAR migration infrastructure (this will make the move to future contract upgrades a smooth transition)

· Implemented a ZAP feature for adding liquidity

· Started Audit

· Closed out private testnet and opened public testnet

· Continued work on non-custodial LP farms

· Launched LP Vaults

A huge thank you to everyone who has got involved in our testnet, we cannot thank you enough. Please, if you haven’t already, head over and have a go, we’d love to hear what you think and if there is anything you’d like us to improve. Until next month, thanks again!