January Monthly Update

3 min readFeb 12, 2024

Hello! W hope everyone in the Cardano community has had a fresh and fruitful start to 2024, it’s certainly been busy at VyFinance and we can’t wait for the year ahead. During the month of January, we made some great progress and have lots to share:

· As always, dropped some amazing farms

· Dived into the governance stage of Catalyst

· Continued to develop both the Auto-Harvester and some new exciting features

New Farms:

Fren Token is a community favourite and one of the larger community driven meme coins on Cardano.

“On Dec 16th 2023, ADA Peepos rocked teh Cardona space with a free / 5 ADA mint. In a very short time, peepos memed their way to teh top of the charts and a stronk af community was born.

Through the sheer meme power of the community and their hunger for geniraytional welth, a token of unrivaled meme potential was created. $FREN token was born!”

Learn More: https://t.co/QMdNBV1J4B

The Whale Society is a “collection of sophisticated whales dressed in elegant attire on Cardano.”

Learn More: https://linktr.ee/thewhalesociety

“Lend, Borrow, Rent, Boost.” FluidTokens, is a peer-to-peer DeFi lending platform where borrowers can use their NFTs as collateral.

Learn More: https://linktr.ee/fluidtokens

AXO has been on the most anticipated protocols to launch on Cardano and allows users to access a huge range of tools to make trading as comprehensive as possible!

Learn More: https://linktr.ee/axotrade

One of the distinctive features of VyFinance, (made possible by our revolutionary Stakeless LPs) is Layer Two Liquidity Pool tokens (L2-LPs). These layer two pools allow users to create unique LP portfolios. To expand on this feature we have released a sleuth of new L2-LP pools for users to get involved in, these include:












To learn more about L2-LPs and how you can benefit from them, read here: bit.ly/L2LPfarming


We were lucky enough in January to add a new vault to the list.

Find this vault and many more here: https://app.vyfi.io/vaults

Learn more: https://twitter.com/aliencoinada


We are still working on all these features and have made a huge amount of progress in the past month. the first two of these features to hit Mainnet will be Governance and the Shopping cart, watch our socials for updates!

  • Governance
  • Shopping Cart
  • Rework Batcher
  • Auto-Harvester
  • Lock and Load vaults
  • Boosting Patch
  • Balancer Pools
  • V2 Plutus

As always our next big ticket item, the Auto Harvester has made some great progress which we will be sharing soon.