December Monthly Update

5 min readJan 4, 2024

Happy holidays and we hope everyone had an opportunity to spend time with friends and family in celebration of what matters most to you!

During December we:

· Released some amazing farms

· Published new articles

· Attended a joint space with Sundae Labs as well as hosted our own

· Continued to push our Catalyst — as the community review stage began

· Released a bunch of new shorts on YouTube

We are extremely excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to bring a host of new features and updates to the platform!

New Farms:

Our DGAF farm with dual rewards went live in December. This team dropped on the scene during the meme coin season of mid 2023, with an emphasis on playing it cool and not taking things too seriously.

“A coin built by people who don’t give a fuck and owned by people who don’t give a fuck.”

Learn more here:

Cardano GPT dropped towards the end of 2023 and captured the entirety of Cardano. Embracing ChatGPT and AI, Cardano GPT has set the standard for new tokens in this vein launching successfully within the ecosystem

“CardanoGPT, harnessing the potential of AI to drive web3 initiatives and communities forward”

Learn more here:

New Articles:

One of our most exciting updates from December is the announcement of our upcoming Governance. This will provide extra utility for the $VYFI token and allow our community to have their voices heard and impact the VyFinance ecosystem in a way that is most aligned with thier vision and values.

In this article we lay out some the most integral parts of our governance system including: Where can the community discuss proposals? How does proposal creation work? Where do you vote? How is Voting Power Calculated? How do I get involved?


Our other article from December covered the VyFinance Treasury.

“As an integral part of governance, the treasury allows the ability to vote on options that may have outright costs to implement. Here, we propose a set of rules by which we believe the treasury should work. We also present a process for requesting funding from the treasury.”



Steven and Pi link up to talk about the Catalyst Proposal for both Sundae Labs and VyFinance. Listen in to find out everything about each proposal and what its like to win Catalyst, including what comes next.


A bit of a rocky start (thank you X spaces), this recording goes through the year in VyFinance and dips it’s toes into what is coming in 2024.


Catalyst Fund 11:

Catalyst Fund 11 is still in full steam, to re-hash from last time, We are asking the community to help us get the Auto-Harvester cooking and bring another new product to the forefront of Cardano. As mentioned in our proposal:

“By allowing easier access to liquidity provision for users, we will be able to boost the total liquidity available on-chain, and thus grow the entire ecosystem. Liquidity is the largest barrier to DeFi on the Cardano Blockchain currently, and this product will allow a streamlined mechanism for integration of liquidity strategies on-chain.”

We believe this product can push Cardano to new height and is a tool applicable to users of all levels of expertise. In the coming weeks you will hear a lot more from us on the Auto-Harvester and what it can do you the user, and Cardano the ecosystem.

Proposal link:

Learn more:


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We could not be more excited for the year ahead and have a massive list of objectives to complete in 2024. The following list is in no order and certain mentions will be explained down the line!
- Governance

- Shopping Cart

- Rework Batcher

- Auto-Harvester

- Lock and Load vaults

- Boosting Patch

- Balancer Pools

- V2 Plutus