Catalyst: How to Vote

3 min readSep 5, 2022

In the following tutorial we’ll be showing you how to vote in the latest Catalyst Fund9 proposal using VyFinance as an example

Open the “Catalyst Voting” app on your device
  • To lodge a vote you will first need to connect your registered wallet
In this tutorial we will be using the QR code acquired when previously registering your wallet
  • Select “Scan voting QR code”
Once you have scanned your QR code you will proceed to the next step of entering your Pin code. This was also acquired when previously registering your wallet
  • Enter your “Pin Code”
Congratulations your wallet has now been connected!
  • Select “GOT IT” to move back to the home screen
You can view your voting power at the top of the screen, for this example you can see the voting power is 503
  • Select “Proposals” from the tab at the bottom of the screen to view the current Fund9 proposals available to vote for
On the proposals tab you can select from the multiple challenges available
  • Select “DApps, Products & Integrations” (or any challenge of your choosing) to view this proposals within that challenge
  • Use the search bar to easily locate your favourite proposal
  • Select the heart Icon to favourite a proposal
  • Select the proposal you would like to view
Once in the proposal you can view the requested amount, the problem in which the proposal is addressing, the proposals solution and the relevant experience of the proposing team
  • Once viewing the proposal, you can vote either yes or no via the thumbs up and down icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Navigate to the “My Selection” tab at the bottom of the screen
  • You can see here if the vote has been cast or not
  • Select “CAST MY VOTES” once you’re happy with your selection
  • Congratulations your vote has now been cast!
  • Select “CONTINUE” to return to the home page