August Monthly Update

4 min readSep 5, 2023


Hello and welcome back to another monthly instalment of everything VyFinance. As always, we will give you a recap of all the news you may have missed through out the month of August. Last month we set up new Vaults, launched tokens, attended a special conference, wrote and released an article, hosted a space and updated the platform to include some new and vital information.

New Vaults in August:

Fraction Estate, See more here:

Find the vaults here:

At Fraction Estate, we’re dedicated to making real estate investment accessible and affordable for everyone. Our platform leverages the power of blockchain technology and asset tokenization to bring a new era of fractional ownership and decentralization to the real estate market.

ENCOINS, See more here:

Find the vaults here:

NCOINS is a decentralized private accounts and payments protocol on the Cardano blockchain.

xVYFI, learn more here:

Find the vaults here:

xVYFI is the token that represents your proportional ownership at the VyFi BAR.

Along with new vaults, we launched some exciting new farms.

See below for the two latest farming set updates:

Farming set for the 17th of August — 1st of September
Farming set for the 1st of September— 17th of September


We were beyond happy in August to launch the token of fellow Australian team Keyboard Warriors Internet Café!

$KWIC TOKEN, See more here:

KWIC subverts the keyboard warrior stereotype in this supportive community of pop culture fanatics who help one another grow in an environment where everyone is safe, accepted and celebrated!


We’ve recently released a new feature to help ease the load for users with lots of assets in their wallet.

Users that turn on this setting (token fragmentation) should experience a lower rate of errors when interacting with our DEx, and in general when interacting with the Cardano ecosystem as your wallets UTxOs are being maintained by the token fragmentation feature.

learn more:


We hosted a great space with two incredible teams we’ve worked with recently. Tune in to hear everything that is going on with KWIC, their “Kwicverse” & their plans for the future, as well as DEGA and the future of gaming on blockchain!

Link to the space:

In August we had once again the amazing opportunity to head to the great state of Colorado and attend the Rare Evo Blockchain Event! Our team had been in attendance last year which was amazing, so our expectations were high, however without a hiccup the crew at Rare Evo put on a spectacular event and were able to rise to every challenge and occasion that came their way.

What a great few days, we were able to meet lots of friends and colleagues, both new and old, and rub shoulders with some of the best minds and builders in the space. Working in blockchain can at times be isolating, and after so long it felt like privilege to finally share the same room as so many extraordinary people. Thanks so much to everyone that helped put this event together and there is no way we are missing it in 2024!

Stevens Presentation from Rare Evo

Next up on the conference front is NFTxLV, however, more to come on that next update

Technical Update:

Throughout the month we started the task of updating and reworking our transaction builder to ensure users have a smoother experience when interacting with the platform, this feature is not live yet but development is continuing at a steady pace. We have also continued some backend infrastructure updates to keep everything running as polished as possible. Along side this we have been working on the initial stages of the Auto Harvester and UI/UX updates. An example of one of our most recent updates is the ability to see every serve to the BAR!

How to view BAR serves

Learn more about the BAR: